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Doug Mathis is excited to pre-release his new song "How Many Days" which is available for download below. This promotional download is $1.99 with All proceeds during the next 30 days going to benefit Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. This song will be up for 30 days and then will be released to all DSP’s and available for everyone to purchase or stream.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 205425.png



"How Many Days" is a song about a little boy named Jack.

Jack is 7 years old, he has autism, and he is all about numbers.

He is always asking his mother, "How many days till my birthday?" or "How many days till Christmas?"

One day when she was putting him to bed he asked her, "Mom, how many days till I go to heaven?" Vanessa (his mother is a friend of mine) posted on facebook about this conversation with Jack.

When I saw her post on facebook, it touched me so deeply and I had to write a song about it.  -Doug Mathis


Click on the Image above to get your

"How Many Days" Tee Shirt. A Portion of the Proceeds

will go to the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.

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